Rebound is located at:

Holton Career and Resource Center

401 N. Driver Street, Durham NC 27713


Upon enrollment, parents will indicate their preferred transportation plan. 

On the first day of Rebound, all students must have their own transportation in the morning and afternoon.  If DPS bus service is confirmed early we will call the parent and let them know to cancel backup transportation plans.  


Students are dropped off at Holton at 9 am and picked up promptly at 4 pm. 


Students are dismissed at 4pm to walk home.

DPS School Bus:

School bus transportation can be arranged on day 2 and forward.  On their second day at Rebound, students may ride the morning shuttle.  On arrival at Rebound, they will receive a printed bus pass with their  afternoon routes, which they should keep with them during transit.

Transfer to My Durham 

Parks and Recreation My Durham Teen Programming: 

Students are escorted up to the second floor to sign in to My Durham.  Upon sign in, parent is responsible for child until pick up (by 7 pm). My Durham provides programming until 7 pm, and students are allowed to come and go freely. 

City Bus:

Passes are available, and we can help students access the GoDurham free student bus pass.  Please speak with a staff member for help with this.

DPS Bus Service Details


Morning transportation begins on the morning after the enrollment meeting (usually the second full day of suspension).  Students ride regularly assigned bus to base school and transfer to Holton Shuttle Bus.  Students should get immediately onto the shuttle without leaving the bus lot area.     If there is a problem with the morning bus, students should find the school staff on bus duty.  


All students ride the Holton shuttle, and then transfer to DPS magnet routes home.  When transferring buses, students must stay in the bus lot area. The final stop may or may not be their regular stop, but will be near their house.  

Rebound can help with transportation questions between 8:30 and 4:30.  If you have questions while your child is in transit, and it is after 4:30, please call DPS Transportation: 919-560-2000.