School Personnel

It is our hope that our work together will help students problem solve, keep up with schoolwork, and improve their connection to school despite a suspension.

Please use the information below to help students and families understand, access, and get the most out of their time at Rebound.  Contact Rebound Staff at any time with further questions.


Rebound is available to any student on short term suspension.  30 seats are available.  We give priority to students who are involved in court or other diversion programs.   Please use the following procedure to refer students to Rebound:

  1. INFORM PARENTS:  At the parent suspension meeting, inform parents that in order to complete the reassignment process, they must contact Rebound immediately to arrange an enrollment time.  This can be the same day or the next morning, but PARENTS MUST SIGN PERMISSION FORMS IN PERSON before students can ride the bus or be dropped off. Students who arrive without a parent are not allowed to enter Rebound.  Parents with questions may call the program directly at any time.
  2. FILL in a REFERRAL FORM:  Rebound’s Online Referral Form confirms critical information related to student safety, parent and school contacts. Once Rebound receives the referral, we will make one courtesy phone call to the parent to answer questions. 

-All families need to arrange transportation for their students on day 1 of Rebound.

-Bus service begins the morning after enrollment.  Families who enroll the day of the suspension meeting will almost always have bus service the following day.  Families who enroll the morning after the suspension  must plan their own transportation to and from Rebound on Day 1.  In the morning, they will be coming with the student to sign enrollment forms.   In the afternoon, they must have transportation planned, because we cannot guarantee a bus route by 4 pm on the same day (each student is individually routed home through magnet routes).   If a bus route comes through earlier than expected, we will alert the parent that the bus is ready and they do not need to come.

-DPS offers transportation using Base School to Holton shuttles in the morning, and individual magnet routes home in the afternoon.  No student on the first full day of suspension should come to their base school or ride a DPS bus.   


-If a decision is made to change a student’s suspension for any reason, please contact Rebound staff so that we can complete student exit activities before return to school.

-At the end of each suspension, Rebound staff emails the school to share attendance information, program completion information, and the Re-Engagement plan (3+ days).

-Each student who attends for more than 3 days completes a Re-Engagement Plan.  This plan is emailed back to the school at the end of the suspension.  Students are aware that this is a document that can be shared with teachers, parents, and other members of the student’s circle of support.   

-Students sign a school work contract on the first day at Rebound confirming their responsibility to complete and return assignments.  Assignments that Rebound receives are printed and distributed to students daily.  On the last day, students go home with a red folder containing all completed assignments.  On the first day back to school, students should hand in assignments.  We maintain daily records of academic participation, so please reach out to Rebound teachers with questions after a student’s return.  



Contact with teachers is a key part of helping students remain connected to school while suspended.  Students are encouraged by teachers who send work and stay in touch.  


When students enroll in Rebound, you will receive a work request from the Rebound teacher.   Please reply with the following information, which helps us to keep students accountable and on track.

-Current Unit Topic

-Online Resources (Google Classroom, online course, etc.)

-Assignments to complete

We print, deliver, and track work daily, and students return a folder of all work at the end of the suspension.  If there are specific due dates before the end of the suspension, we can work to help students submit work.  


All students at Rebound have laptop and internet access.  We also have basic project supplies, gym access, and tutors.  

You Tube videos are often not accessible unless you have unlocked them for your students.  You can do this by sending an email to the DPS IT helpdesk, with the link, student name, and the amount of time it should stay unlocked.  


Contact Dr. Michele Hicks ( for updates on students at Rebound.  


Counselors and Social workers are an important part of coordinating care between school and Rebound. 

Some students are highly connected at school, and we appreciate your help in finding the best next steps for students as they return to school.   Many students who attend Rebound, especially ninth graders, are not yet connected to support staff at school.  It is our goals to help those students create new connections of support. 

When you receive notice that one of your students has enrolled in Rebound, feel free to reach out to Rebound staff.   During the suspension, we will reach out as needed for problem solving, and you will be included in the end of suspension email that includes follow up goals and suggestions.   

DPS Teacher Dr. Michele Hicks is able to print and deliver messages to students if you would like to reach out directly to them while they are at Rebound.  You are also always welcome to visit any student or group of students at Rebound.