Re-Center @ Riverside

The ReCenter at Riverside is a pilot program designed to test the idea of locating neutral, supportive services of Rebound within the school.  It is based in the idea that when given the needed resources, students and schools can and will solve problems without the need for suspension.   

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We are celebrating this huge reduction in out of school suspensions at RHS (from 17-18 to 18-19 academic year)

ReCenter Services

— Safe Space

The ReCenter is located off the school Media Center, providing a neutral, comfortable space for students, whether they are in crisis or just dropping in to say hello.

— Conflict Resolution

Students and staff can access the ReCenter for to schedule conflict resolution.  Staff is also available for on-demand help as needed.  

— Counseling

Ms. Taylor is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate, able to provide one on one sessions with students and make referrals for further mental health assessment.

— Re-engagement Meetings

Students returning to school from an out of school suspension can schedule an appointment to create a re-engagement plan to identify skills, strategies, and supports for success at school.

— Teacher Support

The Re-Center is available to tachers who want to implement restorative practices in their classroom, resolve a conflict with a student, or help problem solve for student success. 

— Restorative Circles

As needed, the ReCenter hosts restorative circles to help groups students process events such as community violence, classroom practices, or the transition to ninth grade.  


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