Mission & Vision

Rebound seeks to build a community of support around students and families, during and after suspension.

As a community-based agency, Rebound provides a central place in which students can access support from a variety of community agencies and institutions. Connecting students to school, family, and community resources  requires strong leadership, many partnerships, and the help if many individuals in the community. These include:
  • A Board of Directors who oversee the mission, vision, and overall health of the organization.
  • Dedicated Staff who work with students on a daily basis to
  • Program Partners who work with Rebound to meet the needs of students, both during and after a suspension.
  • Volunteers who support the program with specific skills.
  • Individuals who support the program by offering professional expertise and networking help.
  • Funders and Donors who recognize the importance of investing in Durham’s young people.

— Our Mission

Rebound works with Durham schools to end the detrimental impact of out of school suspensions.  We provide alternative programming that focuses on the inherent strengths and potential of each student to help them successfully engage with their schools and communities.

— Our Vision

Rebound envisions a community in which schools have the resources and support needed to support all students without the use of exclusionary discipline.  

 Research indicates that students who are suspended short-term are at risk for engaging in criminal activity, lagging behind academically, and dropping out of school.  High-quality interventions are critical for at-risk students during out-of-school time.

Rebound is modeled after Boomerang, a proven and successful alternative to suspension program in Chapel Hill, NC. Both programs focus on resiliency and are strengths-focused, evidence-based practices for working with youth.

Short-term suspension can be an indication that adolescents are coping with chronic stress caused by poverty, family or peer conflict, mental health issues, trauma, substance abuse, low self-esteem, low literacy or educational attainment, criminal or gang involvement, and more.

Rebound provides positive activities that focus on students’ strengths and resiliency. Individual and group counseling sessions are designed to encourage students to think and talk about their sources of strengths: their abilities, their talents, the people who love them, their short-term goals, and their hopes and dreams for the future.

Students who are engaged in positive ways improve their abilities to overcome obstacles and are empowered to reach their personal goals.