Mission, Vision, Values



Rebound, Alternatives for Youth provides strengths-based support to Durham high school students on or at risk of suspension.  With that support, we aim to…

convert suspensions from a time of exclusion and setback to a time of connection and growth.

reduce the negative impact of suspension on students and schools.

provide safe and productive space for high school students currently on suspension.

prevent future suspensions from happening.

build students’ personal assets and resilience through connection to school and community resources

examine personal and systemic root causes of suspension.

provide alternative program resources that support schools in their move away from punitive discipline



Rebound envisions a community in which:

·      behavior issues do not prevent students from learning or teachers from teaching.

·      students are met with connection rather than exclusion

·      corrective actions consider the whole child. 

·     students have meaningful opportunities for restoration and responsibility when they have made a mistake. 

·      we reject the false dichotomy that we must either suspend students or accept poor behavior.

·    alternative discipline practices make schools a safe place to learn, but also a safe place to make a mistake.

·      responses to undesirable behaviors transform systemic inequities of race and poverty rather than re-inscribing them. 



In doing this work, we hold to these values:

·      Education as a cornerstone of success.

·      Creativity backed by evidence-based practices.

·      Collective responsibility for changing broken systems.

·      Personal accountability balanced by acknowledgement of external stressors

·      Connection over exclusion

·      Restoration over punishment

·      Respect for the voice of students and families impacted by suspension

·      Respect for schools as they navigate the challenges of changing culture around school climate and discipline