Follow Up Steps

All Students


Check your Powerschool account for updated grades and attendance. If you do not have access to Powerschool, contact your school.


Turn in finished assignments to teachers upon return to school. Ask for other missed assignments.


Make appointments with key teachers during their tutoring hours to review missed work and finalize a plan for meeting academic goals.


Consider a parent/teacher/counselor conference to share goals and strategies. Rebound staff can help you decide whether this might be helpful.


Reach out to Rebound staff with questions or concerns.
We are always here to help.

Students referred to other agencies:

Rebound helps students engage with other local programs that might help with long term support.  Our goal is to help students connect, and we have personal connections to program leaders across Durham.  If you have been referred to a program, but are having trouble connecting, contact a Rebound staff member.  

Back at School and Need Help?

Rebound staff is here to help, even after your return to school.  Contact Rebound staff, and we will connect you to someone who can help.