Enrollment Process

It is the responsibility of the parent (or 18 year old student) to complete the enrollment process.

Enrollments occur daily between 8:30-9:15 am, or 3:30-4:00 pm. 


Parents should call Ms. Royster (919-408-2517) at the time of suspension to arrange enrollment.  After schools send your referral information, Rebound makes a courtesy call to parents of each student referred.  



Parent comes to Rebound to complete enrollment paperwork.  We encourage parents to enroll the afternoon of the suspension, or the following morning.  Students may enroll at any point during a suspension.


Rebound sets up bus transportation if needed.  Transportation cannot be arranged until parent signs enrollment forms.

Enrollment FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Rebound is a school-community partnership designed to help students with the skills, strategies, and supports they need to be successful.  As an independent non-profit, Rebound must have parent permission to serve minor children.

  • Download the enrollment forms below.  Bring them filled out to save time.
  • Enroll the same afternoon as the suspension meeting (speeds transportation arrangements).

It is critical that we have parent signatures and a brief conference in order for your child to participate.  Please call Rebound to make arrangements.

Rebound is an alternative program for Durham high school students on suspensions (reassignments) of 1-10 days.  We cannot serve long term suspended students.

Most students are referred directly to their schools.  18 year old students may self-refer.

Sharing information with the school serves two important functions. First, it allows Rebound staff to communicate with teachers, administrators, and counselors to help address causes of the suspension and create strategies going forward.  Second, it allows us to do program evaluation to keep track of how well Rebound is working. By following up with students success, we are able to make statements such as “85% of participants who came for fighting were not suspended again for fighting.”