Suspension prevention and alternatives for high school students.

At Rebound, we spend every day helping students during a crisis of school disconnection.  During the COVID school closures and shelter in place orders, Rebound staff continues to support students and families in their efforts to problem solve and stay connected during this community health crisis.  

At Rebound, we believe that when students show signs of struggling in school, it is time to draw them closer into a community of caring adults who can help. 


I knew my child was getting the attention she needed.

This made her feel welcomed and valued. Rebound provided my child an alternative to just being at home. I knew I could have left her at home, she is old enough, but I did not want her falling behind. 

Rebound provided a comfortable learning environment where she knew she was cared about by adults. She could also vent about situations without fear of judgement. 

I also knew that she would not get behind on school because her work, thankfully, was sent to Rebound. When she returned she was not behind at all.

The staff are amazing, really connected and made us both feel comfortable.  The experience of being at Rebound, in the end, was all positive. My daughter learned alternatives she can use to avoid problem behavior.    


Rebound helped me learn self-control and to be more patient.

The staff helped me to realize that fights don’t work and that they are not necessary.  Before I had to attend Rebound, I thought it was just a place to ‘have to do you work’.

RHS Student: They did like an intervention, you might call it. This is where they brought me together with the person that I got into a fight with. This mattered to me because we could work out the situation so that it didn’t get worse.  We had to sign a contract, too.  If I had not been at Rebound, that would never have happened. Before that Circle, I didn’t really know that person.

We learned things in circles. I was able to listen to others about their situations, and learned that I wasn’t alone. My situation wasn’t unique and that others have the same problems that I have. It helped me to relate to others too, that I would not have learned from if I wasn’t at Rebound. 

 If you do get into trouble/altercation and have to go to Rebound you will get the most out of it if you really make the effort to.   It is a place where you can find yourself. 



Your investment in Rebound is an investment in the future of our community.   Students spend time productively learning and growing, and many participants see eliminated or reduced rates of suspension.  



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