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What is Rebound?

Rebound is a strengths-focused program for high-school students on short-term suspension in Durham, NC.

Many students on suspension have nowhere safe and nurturing to go during the time they would otherwise be at school. Rebound provides an all-day, comprehensive program of activities for students on suspension.


Rebound provides services to Durham County youth on short-term suspension from school by focusing on their strengths and resilience so that they may develop the skills, supports, and strategies needed to reconnect with their schools, communities, and families and achieve their goals.


The Rebound program provides a supportive environment for high-school students to achieve the following goals:

  • Stay up-to-date with schoolwork during short-term suspension
  • Identify root causes of suspension, including student behavior and systemic issues
  • Address root causes of suspension in order to
    • prevent juvenile crime (and other risky behaviors) during out of school time and
    • prevent future suspensions
  • Develop sources of resilience in youth by
    • gaining self-knowledge and improving self-esteem
    • identifying personal strengths and goals
    • increasing skills in leadership, conflict management and effective communication skills
  • Promote social connectedness by reconnecting youth with families, school staff, and the larger community

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